“Are you going to Bear Island?” “Yes.” “It’s Raining.”

At 5:30 AM I tried tiptoeing past my wife so as to not wake her, but she was already conscious. “Well, maybe it will stop by the time I get there.” It did. Most of Bear Island WMA is closed for deer hunting on several dates this month. According to their website: Lottery Drawn GunContinue reading ““Are you going to Bear Island?” “Yes.” “It’s Raining.””

DIY Dry Box For Camera Lens and Body.

I was walking around in the rain the other day with my camera and telephoto lens, getting some strange looks. I was carrying a rain cover, but they can be kind of awkward to use. Unless it’s coming down pretty heavily I don’t worry about it too much. Because I use a dry box. FungusContinue reading “DIY Dry Box For Camera Lens and Body.”