The Sun Also Rises Over Duck Alley.

Destination: Bear Island WMA this morning, I wanted to monitor the duck migration. Most of Bear Island is closed for deer hunting, but there are a few dikes you can get on to–legally–that will put a person close to the action. Duck Alley was one of them. I arrived about 15 minutes before sunrise. WalkingContinue reading “The Sun Also Rises Over Duck Alley.”

In Pursuit of the Harrier Hawk.

Above photo property of Blake Shaw/VIREO. On numerous occasions I had seen a Harrier (marsh hawk) cruising in the distance over one of the many marshes on the grounds of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. The past few times I made note of the time of day and location. I decided there was enough of aContinue reading “In Pursuit of the Harrier Hawk.”

Magnolia Plantation Bald Eagle Series.

There is a tree by the tour boat landing that the eagles frequent. Sometimes one, sometimes both of the mated pair. I stop by almost every time I visit Magnolia. One day, I approached to find another photographer, John Nickerson, keeping an eye on the perched male. As we were talking, I heard “eagle talk.”Continue reading “Magnolia Plantation Bald Eagle Series.”