Eagle Grabs Fish, Photographers Go Crazy.

High Fives in the house! This was my first time getting this shot and I will never forget it. What made it all the better, another photographer was there to witness and capture it as well. It came from the across the river and landed in the eagle tree above the boat landing lagoon. ItContinue reading “Eagle Grabs Fish, Photographers Go Crazy.”

40 Degrees, 20-30 MPH Wind, Rain…

I’d been home bound for 3 days due to unseasonable weather. I was developing a case of cabin fever, when I remembered: I’m from Minnesota. Off we go to Magnolia. I fired up the internal furnace and threw on a T-shirt and rain shell. I was more than comfortable. The swamp produced one cold Anhinga,Continue reading “40 Degrees, 20-30 MPH Wind, Rain…”

Magnolia Plantation Lights of Magnolia Chinese Lantern Festival.

Simply amazing! Words don’t describe it. Photos don’t convey what it’s like. Even videos don’t do it justice. You have to be there. Amazing. The dragon is 200 feet long, and the scales are actually China platters, installed one at a time. A short video follows the photos.