Costa Rica Trip January 2020, Chapter 5.

Birds! This is why we went. Almost all of these were taken at the resort and private reserve of La Foresta in Quepos, CR. We found out from a guide at the Manuel Antonio National Park that in January on the Pacific coast, many of the birds move up into the higher elevations to escapeContinue reading “Costa Rica Trip January 2020, Chapter 5.”

Costa Rica Trip, January 2020. Chapter 3.

Scenery/Landscape photography is definitely not my area of expertise, so please keep your expectations low. 🙂 But, what this be without at least a few of them? I’m also throwing in a few Iguana pics for good measure. La Foresta Nature Resort: Iguanas are everywhere! And harmless. Next up: Chapter 4, Butterflies and Flora.

Costa Rica Trip, January 2020. Chapter 2.

Monkeys! We headed to Costa Rica to photograph birds, and thought if we happened to see a monkey it would be a bonus. As it turned out, we saw as many monkeys as birds. The resort we stayed at, La Foresta in Quepos, CR, sat on 70 acres of a private reserve. This is whereContinue reading “Costa Rica Trip, January 2020. Chapter 2.”

Costa Rica Trip, January 2020. Chapter 1.

For our 25th wedding anniversary, Kathy and I decided we would go somewhere we had always wanted to visit, and where we could indulge our photography hobby. Costa Rica came to mind as it is known world wide for it’s photography opportunities. Even though it is a small country, it contains 5% of the world’sContinue reading “Costa Rica Trip, January 2020. Chapter 1.”

Rainy Days and Sundays Don’t Get Me Down.

Getting out of bed late, the sky was dark. I waited until it lightened up a bit, then asked my bride if she was interested in a trip to Magnolia. She declined, and I left her to enjoy her alone time, and three cats. It was misting slightly as I left home, but here inContinue reading “Rainy Days and Sundays Don’t Get Me Down.”

Magnolia Cemetery in the Morning, Magnolia Plantation in the Afternoon.

I’d been seeing some impressive images coming out of Magnolia Cemetery in downtown Charleston and decided to check it out. This is a huge place! In addition to a nice variety of birds, I also found some interesting history. More on that later. It looks promising based on the bird signatures. First on the listContinue reading “Magnolia Cemetery in the Morning, Magnolia Plantation in the Afternoon.”