Capturing The Unseen.

My photo watermark contains these words. To me, if there is art in nature photography it is simply discovering what already exists, but goes unseen. I don’t consider myself an artist. An artist creates something. As a photographer, I only reproduce what already exists. At best, I’m a messenger. Many times a day we walkContinue reading “Capturing The Unseen.”

FYI: Finding Birds to Photograph.

I have a unique method for finding birds, or any wildlife for that matter, to photograph. I go to where they are. Hold on, don’t leave me yet. When I was younger I did a lot of duck hunting. In the beginning, I thought finding a good hunting spot meant driving around, looking for aContinue reading “FYI: Finding Birds to Photograph.”

FYI: (Don’t) “Always focus on the eye.”

This is one of the often heard phrases in this hobby. I’m here to tell you it’s wrong. At least some of the time. The above image is an example of when it is right. The subject is close and well defined, and the depth of field is shallow. The camera finds the eye withContinue reading “FYI: (Don’t) “Always focus on the eye.””