Morning Gifts for April 5, 2021

Some sights from this morning’s rounds. Great Egret nesting is in full swing. This adult displays the mating ritual over and over, hoping to attract a mate. Both male and female Great Egrets have the “bridal gown” during mating season. While this Great Egret works to attract a mate, others have already paired up andContinue reading “Morning Gifts for April 5, 2021”

2020 Magnolia Eagles.

Just another day in Paradise. I was standing by “The Eagle Tree” at Magnolia Plantation watching a perched eagle. Soon, a second showed up. Magnolia’s mated resident pair checking things out on a beautiful March morning. As we stood there, one of the Garden crew’s Gator backfired as she started it. The Female took offContinue reading “2020 Magnolia Eagles.”