Thanksgiving Day Edition.

I didn’t have plans to go out with the camera today, but after breakfast I asked Kathy if she was interested in a walk through the Magnolia Audubon Swamp. Nancy MC had posted a nice shot of a Green Wing Teal the other day, and I was hoping to get a capture as well. She opted to stay home.

Pretty colors in the swamp these days, as I made my way to the rookery.

The first duck that I pulled up on was indeed, the Green Wing, but it was backlit and there was no way to get in a better position. I headed to the boat landing lagoon. I’ll be back for it another day.

I had just stepped on to the dike at the boat landing when I caught a bird in the air to my left.

I watched as it headed toward the eagle tree, then veer to the right at the last minute. I had seen it take this route before; it usually meant it was going across to the other side of the Ashley River. Not today. It took another right and headed directly toward me.

You can bet my heart started to beat a little faster as I realized it would fly right over top of me.

Now, it headed to the eagle tree.

Once my pulse was back to normal I headed to the area below the tree to get another perched shot to add to the thousand I already have.

I was taking some shots when a family of three walked by. I motioned them over to point out the eagle.

They were ooohing and aaahing over the above shot when the husband said to me, “I wish I could do that.” I said, “you can!”

He was holding a Nikon D850 with a wide angle lens. I offered to let him use my telephoto to take a few shots. You’d think those three had just won the lottery. He took his shots, gave my lens back, and as I left I looked back to see the three huddled around his camera, looking at the eagle shots. More ooohs and aaahs. lol

One more image from the other side, and I was off to find a hawk.

It was sitting in the field that they frequent, very close to the road. I was close enough, but this bird was back-lit too. I moved as far as I could to get at least a side-lit shot without spooking it.

Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk

To say the least, I was satisfied with the day and headed home to make my Mom’s stuffing recipe.

Not sure which was the bigger thrill: Having the eagle fly over my head or watching that family being ecstatic at the chance to get their own captures of the eagle.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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