Eagle Mania.

Another great day with the eagles, pelicans, wading birds, and friends at Magnolia. I suspect all these eagles won’t stay around forever, so I’m trying to get as many good captures as I can.

Early morning is definitely the best light for photographers, as the afternoon sun creates some deep shadows. I left at about 11:00 today, and that was already happening. But, any time of day is a great time to just watch these beautiful birds feed.

I tried some different camera settings today. A faster shutter speed, as these birds are close when they’re over the water. And, a new metering setting. Nikon calls it “center weighted average.” That helped a lot, but some of the whites are still a tad overexposed. Tomorrow I will try the same setting, but use Exposure Compensation to take it down a stop or two.

In between eagles, the lone Brown Pelican put on quite a show for us. It definitely is NOT afraid of people, as it did a couple of flybys in front us about 20 feet out. It was a thrill to see a bird that big and beautiful fly so close to us.

Always a gator around, of course.

But, this is about eagles, right? Ok. More eagles.

Adult not happy with the juvenile taking over it’s fishing hole.

Too far, but hey.

Can never pass up a shot of a Wood Stork…

…and, on the way out: Everyone’s favorite, the lovely Turkey Vulture.

Heart, be still.

Tomorrow’s another day, get ’em while they’re hot!

Great time today, not only with the birds but with the amazing photographer friends that joined me. Great weather too! What else could a person want?

I have a photo calendar that is almost ready for sale. I will be posting a link here if anyone should choose to purchase one, hopefully tomorrow. The company will take your payment and ship it directly to you.

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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