Eagles and More.

Back at it again today, started off with a nice flyby at the observation tower. It’s a real kick to capture them at about eye level.

Then, down to the boat landing. The lonely Pelican, sitting on the island, suddenly took flight and headed in our direction.

It made a quick U-turn and swooped down on a fish.

That one should hold him for a while. Later, another eagle fish-grab.

And, that’s where I lost him. The eagle slowed when it grabbed the fish and I kept going. The next several frames were out of focus. I did get an exit shot, though.

The shots at the boat landing are fairly close. I was at 500mm, and the bird pretty much fills the frame. Not much room for error. I think in the future I will try 350-400mm.

As you can see, the light is a little tricky as the day goes on. I think it is probably best early morning. Or, if the birds approached from the other direction, that would help too. 🙂 I will submit that request tomorrow.

A few more:

Wood Storks

There are some beautiful gulls out there, and some very big ones! Even Guenter got fooled once. 🙂 See you out there.

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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