Raptor Trifecta.

Eagles, Ospreys and Hawks were active today at Magnolia Plantation. The observation tower once again was a good place to observe, although not the only place. The boat landing and the swamp also produced some shots.

Another grey day, but if a person sits home waiting for perfect conditions you wouldn’t be out much.

This juvenile Bald Eagle is one beautiful bird.

Notice the coloration difference on this next bird.

Aerial high jinx.

An Osprey made a showing.

Adult Bald Eagles too.

At the boat landing:

And finally, two separate Red Shouldered Hawks in the swamp. I got fairly close to one, and really close to the other. Both ignored me.

That’s it! Nature was good to me, ran into a couple of friends, can’t beat that for a good day. We do it all over again tomorrow. 🙂

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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