Harrier Pursuit Day 4.

These images are nothing to brag about, but I got closer today than I ever have before.

Kathy warned me early that it was raining again. I considered staying home, but the weather in Coastal South Carolina changes rapidly, so I decided to chance it. Two miles down the road the rain stopped.

I took my bike down the Magnolia Bike Trail and set up in a new location at Perry’s Field, the old rice field. I hadn’t been there 5 minutes when she appeared to my right, coming straight for me. About 80 yards out she made a hard right, and hovered.

She was close enough for a great shot, but the low light forced me to use something other than my preferred camera settings. Also, as I found out later, my focus point was off the target about half the time. I’ll blame that on the low light too. 😉

For a minute, it looked as though she would drop down on to a meal. The marsh hens thought so too, as they vocalized a protest.

But, eventually she moved on.

Thanks for the show Mrs. Harrier, see you another day.

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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