Still Pursuing Harrier.

When I heard it was hard to get a good capture of the Harrier Hawk, I became determined to get it done.

Up again today, and out to the marsh where I had seen it before. I decided not to change my location from the previous day. The light was perfect there and I had seen it take a route directly in front of this spot before. Across the marsh, the sun would be in my eyes and the bird backlit. So, stick it out I would.

The sun coming up over a marsh is beautiful thing to see. And, there are plenty of birds to keep you company.

Snowy Egret flying into the rising sun.
Kingfisher. Too far away, but hey…Kingfisher.

Plenty of Snowy’s and White Ibis milling around, flying from the little Perry Field pond across the dike to the big marsh.

Hark, what is that I see? Someone is coming down the trail toward me. At this time of the day, who could it be? Of course, Guenter Weber.

Somewhere in the woods a Red-Shouldered Hawk decided it was time to leave it’s perch, and took flight with an unmistakable piercing cry. I raised my camera just as it appeared over the tree line to my left. Perfect opportunity! Flying into the sun, about 35 yards from me. I fired off 10 shots and 3 turned out. LOL So it goes, some days.

Not the hawk I was after, but I will definitely take it.

A few shots from the Perry Field pond, and I was ready to move on. I will return to pursue the Harrier another day.

Snowy Egret
White Ibis

I had a date with the boat tour, so off we go!

Great Blue Heron

I think Captain Dick is bribing some of these Great Blue Herons, as I see a couple in the same location every time I take a boat ride.

Great Blue Heron

What would this story be without a Tri-Colored Heron image?

Tri-Colored Heron

We’re getting close to where the ducks are often found. Oh boy, my heart rate kicks up a few notches.

There always has to be one joker who isn’t in focus.

Blue Wing Teal

The ducks were very cooperative today. If you’ve ever wondered what a Blue Wing Teal looks like up close, this is it:

Blue Wing Teal

Cooperative yes, but still only about 10% of my captures were usable. A duck flying at speeds of up to 45 mph is a challenging target. Not for the Nikon D810, but for the operator. Put focus on the target and the camera does the rest. Sounds easy. lol

This one made my day.

Blue Wing Teal 1/2500, f/8, ISO 800.

Right there I would have called it a successful ride, but there was more to come. We motored past a few more of Dick’s Hired Herons.

As I looked at this guy, I caught movement off to my left. The Harrier zipped past us behind the trees. I got off one shot, but there was nothing there worth seeing. Well, at least I still know it is still in the area.

Some more motoring, a distant Bald Eagle, more ducks, and rounding a bend we come across another hired hand. This one is looking very intently at the water. As we watch, it spears a small catfish! The Great Blue Heron is literally 8 feet from the boat. I wanted to get a full body shot, but that close all I could muster was this:

The bird was in some dim light under low-hanging branches, but as we passed it took off in flight with the fish still in it’s mouth. It flew directly into the sun light, which would have been a fantastic photo had I not been at the other end of the pontoon boat. šŸ™‚

Another great morning to remember. That’s what keeps us coming back.

I’m coming for you, Harrier Hawk!!

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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