Rain or Shine.

After having some success with the Bald Eagles yesterday, I was anxious to get back to Magnolia for more.

We say “There is always something to photograph at Magnolia.” But, where to go in the rain? It was coming down hard enough that I was carrying a rain jacket, an umbrella, and a rain cover for my camera/lens. It makes for some really awkward shooting, and I was wondering where I could go to get in out of the rain, and still get some images.

The boat tour! The pontoon boat has a canopy over it. Cap’n Dick was at the helm this morning. I have to say I think his alligator impression has gotten better. And boy, did we see some birds.

Security is always on duty here.

I had a few close shots before we even left port.

Night Heron checking for tickets.

The rain had slowed, but was still coming down. It was going to make for a soft white background.

We cruised down the first channel. Along the way, an unidentified raptor.

A regular cast member…

…and a beautiful drake Wood Duck.

At the end of the channel we took a hard left, and two Bald Eagles came into view. First one appeared to be a female, and we got really close. She just watched us float by.

The next one seemed a bit smaller, probably a male.

When we got within about 75 yards he took flight, crossing directly in front of the pontoon boat.

Taking another left, we headed into duck country. Lots of Blue Wing Teal.

On the last leg, some more familiar friends.

All within a half hour!

I feel very blessed to live so close to this beautiful sanctuary, and to be able to spend so much time there.

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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