Bear Island, Again.

I wanted to check back with Osprey Heaven to see if the 5 Ospreys were still hunting there. I hadn’t been in over a month, since the WMA it is on was closed for Bow hunting.

The Ashepoo River from Baldwin bridge.

I decided to stop at Duck Alley–a dike between two marshes–first, as ducks seem to get up earlier than Ospreys. lol Or so it seems. I pulled into the parking lot and the skies were just beginning to light up. By the time I got rigged up and onto the dike, flocks of white birds were in the air.

Some of these early shots are high ISO as the sun was just coming up.

They all headed for the same open area in the marsh, about 100 yards off of the dike. I hustled out to hide behind some brush close to where they were landing. It was still so early, they either didn’t see me or didn’t care, because flock after flock poured into the marsh.

It was exciting to be so close to the action. It was LOUD! Photos don’t do it justice. I made a short cell phone video, with sound, although the sound is faint on the recording.

After about 30 minutes of watching, I was ready to move on further down the dike. But I was trapped! If I left now, they would all take to the air. I try to avoid disturbing large flocks like this, so I sat tight. Eventually they filtered away from me, further into the marsh. I headed down the dike and set up at my favorite hide.

Wearing camo, I just set my folding chair back into the palm fronds a bit and the shadows hide me pretty well. Now, to watch the parade.

Mottled Ducks
Green Head Mallard
Tri-Colored Heron
White and Glossy Ibis
Glossy Ibis
Great Egret dropping into the marsh.
White Ibis

I wanted to check a couple of other favorite spots, so I packed up and headed off. No Ospreys at Osprey Heaven. Maybe they migrated south. At the next stop, I ran into a couple of little birds that I’d been chasing for a while. Not the greatest images.

Male Kingfisher
American Kestrel, either female or juvenile.

That’s a wrap, and I was home by noon. “Pass Shooting” off a dike is one of my favorite ways to photograph birds. Wear the right clothing, find some cover, and wait for the birds to come to you. It takes a little patience, but what better place to spend a morning then experiencing the sights and sounds of the marsh?

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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