Deer and Warblers.

Two things I never capture. Today must be my lucky day, because I got both. Time to play the Lottery!

This was Magnolia at 0-dark:30, and not the greatest pic. But hey, deer!

More flowers…

Eagle doing what eagles do.

This little lady is hard to catch.

Glossy Ibis eating filamentous algae. Stacy will be glad to hear it.

A juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron…

Needs no introduction…

Scamp Snowy…

And ducks! Blue Wing Teal showing off for me…

More flowers…

A fox in a cage…

The token alligator shot…

And, a warbler? I think. There are about a thousand of these little birds in the warbler family.

That’s a wrap! What a morning. I think I’ll go ponder how I will spend my lottery winnings now.

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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