Following the Duck Migration.

I’d been chasing hawks for the past two days, and having a good time of it. But, Bear Island was calling me. I wanted to get back down there to see if any new ducks had arrived. The last time I was there, hundreds of Blue Wing Teal were in the air. I was hoping they would have some company from other northern birds.

My first stop was, where else? Duck Alley. Sitting on a dike between two marshes, watching the aerial parade is my idea of a good time. I had no more walked out on to the dike when a flocks of Snowy Egrets appeared.

I was wearing full camo and wondered if I was hidden well enough. Ducks are cagey birds. When a Kingfisher tried to land on a post only 30 feet from me, that answered my question.

A pair of year round residents–Mottled Ducks–landed in a nearby pool.

Then, the raptors came out. Osprey, Bald Eagle mature and juvenile.

A lull in the main attraction, but some interesting critters around anyway.

After about an hour and a half, I decided it was time to move on. No new ducks, and this time no Teal either. Just the Mottled Ducks. Good to see plenty of them around.

I headed over to Blue Wing Pass, but no new ducks there either. In fact, just one small flock of Blue Wing Teal. It is possible they have moved on south by now. They don’t stick around long.

Heading home, I came upon a dead tree that was holding an Osprey. The sun was directly on it’s face, so I drove past, walked back and pulled up my camera to take a still shot. The second it focused on the bird, the Osprey launched. Pure luck. But, by being out there as much as possible you create some of your own luck.

As it turned out, the hawks were calling to me too, so I stopped at Magnolia Plantation on the way home. A great end to a great day.

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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