Red Shouldered Hawk.

One thing about Red Shouldered Hawks, a lot of the time they let you know where they are. Their shrill cry sounds like nothing else. Then it’s just a matter of tracking them down, sometimes a lot harder than it sounds.

Other times, A friend gives you a heads up and saves you the trouble. That’s how I got onto this pair.

Too far away and bad light.

Above was my attempt from yesterday. Not too great! Nature photographers know that, aside from understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your camera/lens, the two things which are necessary to make great images are being close to your subject, and good light. Both affect detail which is what portrait shots are all about.

I came back the next day for another round. Not perfect, but better. The light was good and I was able to get a little closer. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to capture the two hawks together again. Maybe another day.

Same pose, different hawk. Notice the difference in the head coloration, for one thing. This might be a male/female, or an adult/juvenile.

Who doesn’t like bird-in-flight images? I live for them. These aren’t perfect either, but they do show what majestic birds these are.

Thanks for the show, RSH. See you again soon.

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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