Riding the Boat (Pontoon) at Magnolia.

Green Heron

Taking the boat tour at Magnolia Plantation is a great way to see birds. Especially now, when the Audubon Swamp is quiet, there is far more action on the other side of the plantation.

Great Blue Heron

I hopped aboard with Captain Sy this morning. What was once a hunting preserve adjacent to the Ashley River is now a wildlife sanctuary. The boat tour takes a circular route around the outside perimeter. Below, Great Egrets drop into the marsh.

It is clear that migration is on. We saw a wide variety of birds; some I haven’t seen for a while, and one I had never seen at Magnolia.

An Osprey on the hunt flew right by our boat a couple of times.

Some birds aren’t afraid of the boat at all, and don’t fly as we pass. In fact, some were so close my camera wouldn’t focus on them. (Less than ten feet)

From too far away, a Harrier.

As we were coming to the end of the route, I said to Sy “Now if you can produce the eagles, this would be the perfect ride.” As we rounded the corner, there they were.

Another great day at Magnolia!

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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