Magnolia Plantation and Gardens after Hurricane Dorian.

Hurricane Dorian meandered past here on September 5th. I was a little concerned about how my favorite photography hot spot had fared. But, it appears to have come through the storm OK, albeit with a few scratches. Thanks to the staff and their hard work cleaning up, it is looking as good as ever, even though some work remains. In fact, although the Audubon Swamp is still closed for clean up, I saw more birds in the rest of the plantation today than I have for a long time.

There was a great gathering of Great and Snowy Egrets at the boat landing, as well as some Great Blue Herons and Night Herons.

And, these little guys, guarded by their big cousin.

I headed on down to the big rice field by the private cabins. A DNR research boat was zooming past on the Ashley River. I don’t think I want to go fishing with these ladies.

Down here the birds see you coming from a long ways away. I saw an eagle, Osprey, wood ducks, and Green Herons but not much close enough for a good shot. Except for this Mockingbird working on some berries.

And, some swallows and a Snowy Egret giving me a classic pose.

Working my way back up to the parking lot, I stopped by the Bamboo Garden but no owl. A Crepe Myrtle had been blown down and was in the process of being cut up. I picked up a piece about two feet long. I’ve never seen a wood so dense and heavy as this. I would think it would make good carving wood.

Plenty of color at Magnolia yet, both floral and butterflies! Tons of butterflies.

On the White Bridge pond, to see me off, an almost-adult Little Blue Heron. Beautiful bird.

A stop at the Peacock Cafe for lunch, and I’m done. It’s good to see Magnolia Plantation came through the storm just fine. A few scratches and scrapes maybe, but nothing that some hard work and a little time can’t heal.

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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