Folly Beach, 9-7-19.

Folly Beach, 9-7-19

Kathy and I took a ride down to Folly to see how they weathered the storm. Aside from a few downed trees and some siding blown off, it looked like they did fine. We talked to one shop owner who said the sound reminded him of Hugo.

We headed for the north end of the island to the old Coast Guard station. Our first opportunity happened as soon as we got out of the car! A Red-Tailed Hawk (juvenile, I think) had cornered something in a brush pile and was trying to find it as we walked by, about 20 feet away. What luck!

Can’t visit this end of the island without pictures of the old light house.

We had just stepped on to the beach and an Osprey flew by. I swear they follow me around now. 🙂

Then, the pelicans. There apparently was a school of fish just off shore, as the Brown Pelicans were diving into the water left and right. About 15 of them were taking advantage of the opportunity, and gave us quite a show.

A very productive morning! And, to top it off a stop at Rita’s for a pulled pork BBQ sandwich. We love Folly Beach!

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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