Capturing The Unseen.

My photo watermark contains these words. To me, if there is art in nature photography it is simply discovering what already exists, but goes unseen. I don’t consider myself an artist. An artist creates something. As a photographer, I only reproduce what already exists. At best, I’m a messenger.

Many times a day we walk by what would be a beautiful capture if only we had seen it. We walk too fast. We make too much noise. We don’t stop to listen, to look around. To REALLY look.

Some wildlife will let you walk or drive right up to them and take your captures. Most won’t. You have to be a bit sneaky.

I like to go out alone. I wear clothing that blends in; earth colors, sometimes full camouflage if I’m after ducks. I walk slowly. I try not to shuffle my feet. I listen, and look. Really look.

At most, I walk with one other person, sworn to silence. 🙂 Two people make four times as much noise as one. It can turn into a social event which not only makes noise but takes your focus off of the task at hand.

So, if you see me out there and I head off in another direction, don’t take it personally. I’m only trying to capture the unseen.

Published by Larry Maras

Nature Photographer in Summerville, SC.

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